Founders & Startups

Right from the beginning, it is essential for founders and startups to work out their concept, the target group, the value proposition and the corresponding marketing strategy in a solid way. For example, it can be helpful to create a convincing business plan to consider all aspects of self-employment. With an external coach, many mistakes can be avoided right from the start.

What does the start-up coaching include?

According to my coaching approach, it is especially important to appear authentic as a founder. To this end, I put you in a position to develop and clearly communicate your own profile and founding idea. If you wish, I will create a business plan with you, in which all important aspects will be worked out.

We will discuss personal as well as professional issues that are bothering or even burdening you, so that you are free for an easy and successful start.

We will openly discuss the cost and possibly also find subsidies for you, which will keep the financial expenditure low.

But the focus is always on you, and I will adapt the coaching sessions to your individual needs and preferences!