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As a Business Coach (PCC) I always focus on the human being. He/She is the key to everything. Therefore, I always choose an individual approach for both individuals and teams, tailored to the person and the situation at hand. My certification with the largest international coaching association ICF was very important to me in order to also meet their coaching quality standards and values.

Ramin Hummel

I am an experienced and versatile business coach and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in various, senior management positions in large, global organizations as well as in medium-sized and smaller companies. 

I combine my experience as a former corporate executive with my entrepreneurial expertise from running a family business and, for many years, my own consulting firm. I bring a strong cross-cultural background due to the influence of two very different cultures in my family and my many years of working abroad.

This has made me a "citizen of the world" who can coach leaders & teams from different cultures with empathic authenticity. With about 2000 business and life coaching engagements to date, my clients can count on a calm, fully present and deeply connected coach who has the tools to help you grow as individual, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Grown from a family business, I have worked for a number of medium-sized and large companies such as Hypovereinsbank, SAP and Tipico, including several years in Silicon Valley, USA.

In these companies, I held senior positions in communications, marketing, sales and corporate development, among others.

I am also a trained business coach (IHK) and certified by the largest international coaching association ICF (PCC certification). In addition, I engage with founders as an intensive consultant (Cyberforum Karlsruhe), work as a lecturer and mentor. I serve managing directors as a sparring partner and develop leaders at all levels of an organization. 

For me, appreciative interaction with my clients and coachees is elementary and non-negotiable.



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