Coaching Approach

My coaching approach is systemic and solution focused. It is based on values and needs with key elements of different approaches such as non-violent communication (NVC), solution focused brief therapy and team development (reteaming), clean language and other tools.
Based on these models and proven tools, I strongly trust my intuition, which provides additional guidance in the coaching process to support, challenge and sort out the views, opinions and approaches of the clients I work with.

What is coaching?

For me, coaching is support in achieving a specific goal. The client (coachee) will learn to listen to himself and to discover his own solution competence. He will learn to accept himself as he is right now. It is only about solving a difficulty that prevents him to feel comfortable and to fully develop his potential.

The coach is an important and neutral companion in this process, therefore he must be convinced that his own solutions are only the right ones for his own system and not for that of the client.

For me it is therefore elementary to understand the personality of my clients and to define challenging as well as achievable goals in order to develop creative and sustainable solutions.

What is success?

Success to me means that my clients have found their authentic path to clarity, growth and ease, on their own terms and at their own pace.