Leadership Development

Employees are the heart of every company. The ever-increasing pace of change demands competent and clearly communicating managers who ensure and promote the motivation, health and performance of the workforce.

What does Leadership Development mean?

Every company has its very own leadership culture or would like to develop one. Increasingly extensive demands of a global market and digitalization require a secure approach to employees, so that change is perceived as an incentive and not a threat. The upcoming generations have a higher demand on companies to communicate and lead in a transparent and human way. Health and work-life balance should be kept in balance. Poorly managed teams are conspicuous by high turnover and absences due to illness. The economic damage is immense and mostly underestimated.
Therefore, the companies that will survive in the market in the future will be those that lead in a modern and humane way and learn to communicate properly with their employees.

I support the consolidation or establishment of a leadership culture and assist the leadership teams in workshops and the individual managers in individual coaching sessions, so that they can manage their tasks of a leader with joy.

Some of these tasks are:

- Developing one's own leadership style
- Conducting appraisal interviews
- Giving and receiving feedback
- Dealing with conflicts
- Communicating clearly with employees and supervisors
- Dealing with work overload